Inside Scoop On Scenes To Come

Remember Jazmine Garcia?

The last time you saw this PHAT ass Latina beauty was on 2/26/18 when she got pounded by the massive body builder, Buck Carter.

Well believe it or not, she is the only model I can reveal to you for this update.

That is because the other THREE people involved are models that have never shot for HotGuysFUCK before.

Are you excited? Nervous? Hmmm well I know Jazmine will be back and fucking someone so that’s exciting I guess!

Her guy is SUPER hot… I’ll say that much 😉

Expect great things to close out July and welcome the final month of Summer!


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Upcoming Scenes This July

NEW GUY Xander Jordan & Angel Durant

Well damn!

Have you missed Angel Durant? What a body… what a BOOTY! Our new guy Xander surely won’t disappoint. He is smooth as butter and definitely butters that PHAT Angel ass.

ANOTHER New Guy & Nicole Kidd

More new faces are on their way to HotGuysFUCK. We have so many horny, ripped young men on deck that we just can’t hold back from you anymore.

Phew! Stay tuned for more updates soon! Hang on… I’ll get you a fan… It’s getting HOT in here!

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Inside Scoop: An EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peak Into The Future at HGF

Happy 4th of July!

Now put down that beer and come over here because I have some special insider info that may be of interest to you…

You remember when Ethan Manor made his ELECTRIFYING debut with the horny, kinky Daisy Dane right? Well guess what folks? It’s time for Ethan round two!

This time, with petite FREAK, Ari Lopez!

Remember the last time you saw her on 01/26/18 with Rob Burry? This tiny chick will bounce on some dick like a pogo stick! Damn!


Josh Harnett & Breeze Cutter

Any Josh Harnett fans still out there? It’s only been since 08/11/17 since you’ve last seen him.

Breeze Cutter took a slight hiatus as well but is back to be filled up with some hard cock once again.

Expect to see all of these sexy people and MORE getting their FUCK on this July!

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Let’s Play A Game…

Here are six names.

Three guys, three girls.

They will all be paired up with each other on 7/6, 7/9, & 7/13.

Can you guess who will be FUCKING who??

Nick Harper

Mila Fleet

Rob Burry

Monica Scott

Roman Tate

🎉HotGuysFUCK Debut🎉

Autumn Payton

With double the weekly updates… This summer is just getting hotter and HOTTER! 🔥


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#TBT – ThrowBackThursday

Happy Thursday!

Why don’t we take a moment to have a walk down memory lane so we can relive some of the good times huh?!

It’s good to slow down, take a deep breath, and remember the good ol’ days 🤤


  • Our first stop takes us back to 12/05/2016 where buff bodybuilder Richard Sutherland is man enough to take on not only Annie Arbor, but also Monica Scott. He definitely was able to handle it… Richard rocked their worlds!

  • Now what about this gem??

We go back exactly a year before the prior vid on 12/05/2015 where we find the legendary Dmitry Dickov banging out Jenny Hayes!

  • Last but not least… we flip out time machine back to 04/19/2016 where the two studly jock wonderboys, Rob Burry and Kellan Hartmann team up for the first MMF scene ever on with the lovely Jackie Lopez! Damn do these bros know how to lay down some PIPE.


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Some New Faces Are Coming…

Have you all been enjoying the Monday/Friday updates on

You know, with double the updates coming at you now there is bound to be some never before seen models. I can’t tell you much yet, but just know that there are at least three more fresh new faces to debut this month.

Any guesses?

Ok, here, I will give ya just a hint or two 😉

But don’t just think there are only new guys on their way for the remainder of June… There is a new female model as well!

Stay tuned to find out more 😉


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Some Exciting News and Bodybuilder Max Warner & Rachel Ford FUCK

Something VERY exciting is happening soon at

Do you wanna know what it is? Do ya?? Hehe

Ok, I’ll share the little secret with ya…

This Summer has REALLY been heating up🌡

Because of this, after the BEAST Max Warner and Rachel Ford get their FUCK on this Monday, June 11th, HotGuysFUCK, exclusively for Summer 2018, will be doing not one but…


Talk about double the pleasure, DOUBLE THE FUN eh??

Going forward, there will be NEW scenes every Monday and Friday! Now who is pumped about that?! I know I am!

Max Warner & Rachel Ford

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we may have the scene of the year coming out this Monday, June 11th. Max Warner is just gigantic. It’s kinda hot to see him literally blanket Rachel in MUSCLE!

Here’s some exclusive pics I have of Max to give you an idea of what’s coming at petite, 5’2″ Rachel on Monday.

Hang on for dear life Rachel! This guy is stacked!


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Enjoy all the upcoming updates!

Remember to switch hands while jacking to even out your forearm muscles! LOL!


EXCLUSIVE CONTENT: Meet Our New Models! Lonny Ball & Renee Hurtz!

On Friday, June 8th, at, two new faces make their debut and it’s going to set your summer ABLAZE 🔥

Allow me to introduce to you sexy, fit, mixed stud, Lonny Ball and the gorgeous blonde with a bubble butt that loves to twerk on a hard cock, Renee Hurtz!

These two put on a HOT scene and will leave you begging for more.

Here is the scene description to give you a little tease and something to look forward to when the scene drops on Friday, June 8th!

Meet our new models Lonny Ball and Renee Hurtz!

Something must be going on… Maybe it’s the summer heat on the rise… Perhaps all the vitamin D soaking up in to your skin, but one thing is clear… New sexy models have been contacting us NONSTOP. Literally flooding our recruitment inbox begging to come and get their fuck on!

When we came across these two, we simply dropped everything and flew them out the next day. Not all impulsive decisions like this always work out… but Lonny and Renee were so horny and eager to showcase their skills in the sack that their performance deserved a slap on the ass. Awesome job guys! Can’t wait to see more of both of these hotties!

Click Here for a PREVIEW of their scene!

Want some more Lonny Ball?

Enjoy these EXCLUSIVE behind-the-scenes shots I got of him when he was in town for his scene with Renee. Great bubble butts on both of these guys! 😍


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Friday’s Update with Mako Kalani and Kellan Hartmann Is Sure To Please

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

Remember why we are all able to enjoy those cold brews and BBQ’s on Memorial Day… if it wasn’t for those who serve and for the fallen soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice, our daily freedoms we often take for granted would not be there! USA! USA! 🇺🇸

Friday’s Update

We have a very sexy video coming out soon.

This update features a new, fresh, exotic face… and she goes by the name of Mako Kalani!

To double the pleasure, we paired this beauty with the very popular, big dicked, and handsome to boot, Kellan Hartmann!

Here’s the scene description to give you a little tease!

Welcome our new model, Mako Kalani! This girl is exotic as it comes. Brazilian, African-American, Hawaiian, and European… Phew! What a sexy mix! We wanted to make sure we satisfied and showed this newbie the time of her life. How were we supposed to do that you ask? Well, that answer is simple… We lined her up to FUCK the very popular, horse cocked, Kellan Hartmann!

Mako is an aspiring model with a gorgeous, unique look, and when we saw her, we knew we had to have her on HotGuysFuck. Of course Kellan is hot, and I’m no mathematician here, but Gorgeous + Hot must equal SCORCHING.

Mako had never done any adult work before and came off a little shy at first. However, once we hit record on the camera and Kellan whipped out his big dick though, that shyness disappeared and Mako let out her inner freak. This one is a must watch.

Click Here To Check It Out!

(You can also tap/click any of the pictures below to be redirected to the scene)

Phew! Can’t wait to see more of Mako and Kellan soon!


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Daisy Dane & Ethan Manor Thoughts, And Friday’s Update With Derek Jones & Olivia Grant!

Hey Everyone!

Happy FriYAY!

And you know what happens on Friday’s at HotGuysFUCK right? That’s correct, it’s time for another HOT update!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. I want to know what you all thought about last Friday’s EXTREMELY HOT SCENE with new girl, Daisy Dane and our rising star, Ethan “Big Stick” Manor.

Do you enjoy the intro? The build up of the natural chemistry between these two? 100% unscripted! These two were REALLY in to each other.

Feedback is welcomed in the comments section at the bottom of the post. We are always looking for new ways to bring you the hottest, most organic sexual interactions with our models! Let’s be honest, the build up leading to the sex is often the best part so why not capture some of that!?

If you haven’t checked out their scene yet, here are some screen captures that are sure to spark your curiosity. (Click/tap any of the pics to be directed to the scene!)

I bet you are wondering about the other couple, Price Hogan and Rachel Ford

Stay tuned to find out! 😉

*Friday’s Update*

Today’s update features the popular, jacked, Derek Jones and Miss Booty Queen herself, Olivia Grant!

Here’s a description of the scene to give you an idea of what to expect:

Hell ya! Now Derek Jones can enjoy that slippery wet pussy juice from Olivia Grant all over his throbbing hard cock. Easy though Derek… We don’t want you busting a nut too early now! At least let us all enjoy watching you two fuck for a while first please.

This isn’t all about Derek though either. Olivia has known about Derek and it has been her dream to fuck him. So, when we called her up and said we could make her dreams a reality, she immediately hopped in her car, and drove MANY miles to finally get that Dirty D dick. To top it off, she didn’t even want to get paid for it! That’s how bad she had been wanting that cock!

Once Derek heard the news that he was getting to fuck Olivia, his eyes lit up. He had been eyeing up Olivia’s big, round, bubble-butt ever since she did her first scene with Sean Holmes. This scene wasn’t even scheduled to happen. What can we say… We love to make dreams cum true.

Click HERE To Check Out The Scene!

Enjoy this hot new scene!

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Have a fantastic weekend!