FRIDAY’S UPDATE: Tall Athletic Asian Jock Sean Lee Fucks 18-Year Old Teen Girl Vanessa Ortiz

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That’s right, we have a new face! Welcome Sean Lee to the HotGuysFUCK community!

Here’s a description of the scene to give you an idea of what to expect:

New jacked, tall, Asian jock Sean Lee debuts for his first sex scene and lays down his fortune cookie on 18-year-old teen Vanessa Ortiz. This kid is cocky, and rightfully so. These two start out passionately kissing and things only get hotter from there.

Missionary is first but they make a quick transition to Vanessa on top riding. Her great 18-year-old ass is showcased now as Sean spanks and fucks her teen pussy. These two just can’t stay put as they make their way all over the bed. Vanessa gets nailed in doggy, on her side, and with her brown round ass in the air.

Next, Sean tosses Vanessa’s fit, petite body on top in reverse cowgirl. He pulls her hair and then before you know it, Sean has his way with Vanessa one last time as he bends her over the bed, and busts a big nut all over her perfect ass.

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Enjoy the cocky Asian jock Sean and gorgeous teen Latina Vanessa!

These two hotties deliver a HOT scene!

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Brady Quinn, Derek Casey, and Daniel Kanon Are Up Next To Fuck.

Brady Corbin got the first shot at Danielle Land & it was fire! Both of these models are passionate in the bedroom and put on an amazing show.


Danielle Land gives an amazing blowjob and almost made Brady Corbin bust early multiple times. Brady’s nice cock also loved Danielle’s tight pussy as she rode him like bull. They both seem to have lots of sexual experience which really showed on camera! Hot Scene!

Derek Casey was definitely an interesting one to say the least. He’s much deeper then just wanted to rail for hours. He’s very soft and sensual with everything he does… we find that super hot.


Nicole Kidd is fitting being that she just turned 18 years old. This teen had never been worshiped and fucked the way Derek Casey put it on her. We’re not sure if she was feeling it or just wasn’t sure what to think. Either way, her tight young pussy kept Derek’s cock rock hard and ready to fuck.

Daniel Kanon is back to fuck Melani Davis for a round 2. These two had such great chemistry from their first video that we had to do a second. FUN FACT, we didn’t even have to pay them for this second scene. These horny teens just wanted an encore from earlier.

Daniel Kanon suggested that Melani Davis be our official fluffer with her amazing blowjob skills. We love a teen who just loves sucking our talent dry. This top model will swallow all your kids. Another Hot Vid!

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You’ll want to see the very next video after these three… HOLYSHIT


We had a twitter vote that ended up with almost 90% of people wanting us to release *scrapped footage*.

These 2 scenes didn’t make the cut for one reason or another but are still HOT! See Ken Ott & Adam Mackie fucking Sarah Sunday & Molly Beal

3 New Scenes For HotGuysFuck

Nicholas Prat was all smiles when he got his chance at Jessica Gomez.  Nicholas Prat actually cums twice in this scene because he can’t help but drop loads early while fucking. If you put a chick on top of him, he says the view does it for him every time. We love one minute men anyway because it reminds us how great it feels for them.

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Welcome our latest fresh meat, Andy Rother. He literally flew in for a short trip, fucked 2 hot chicks, and went back home. This short trip was filled with total excitement for Andy Rother. He told us this by far had to be his favorite trip.


In this video, Andy Rother got to fuck the shit out of Sarah Sunday. He loved how hard she could take a dick just as much as she loved fucking this stud.

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Jackson Knight couldn’t wait to get some pussy. My guess, it’s been quite some time before for him but he definitely knew what he was doing. He loved eating that pussy while sticking his ass high in the sky for the camera to enjoy. Jackson Knight has a pretty big dick so Monica Scott needed a few breaks because he was too much for her.

After a few breaks to let Monica Scott catch her breath, Jackson Knight fucked her as hard as he could before exploding inside of her.

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Johnny America & Gabriel Jordan Are Next To Fuck.



Big uncut cock Johnny America finally gets a milf ! Gabriel Jordan hooks up with his second girl ever.

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Chris Curl & Adam Bosco Fuck Monica Scott and Film It On Their Personal Cell Phone.


Chris Curl & Adam Bosco hooked up with Monica Scott after hours. We didn’t tell them to do this, they’re just a group of horny teens … and we’re not complaining.

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Kane Bryant’s Turn To fuck Annie Arbor In Front Of Real Boyfriend Richard Sutherland


Kane Bryant was super nervous to be banging out Annie Arbor right in front of real life boyfriend Richard Sutherland. This was definitely one of our most interesting shoots with some tense moments.
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