Some Exciting News and Bodybuilder Max Warner & Rachel Ford FUCK

Something VERY exciting is happening soon at

Do you wanna know what it is? Do ya?? Hehe

Ok, I’ll share the little secret with ya…

This Summer has REALLY been heating up🌡

Because of this, after the BEAST Max Warner and Rachel Ford get their FUCK on this Monday, June 11th, HotGuysFUCK, exclusively for Summer 2018, will be doing not one but…


Talk about double the pleasure, DOUBLE THE FUN eh??

Going forward, there will be NEW scenes every Monday and Friday! Now who is pumped about that?! I know I am!

Max Warner & Rachel Ford

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that we may have the scene of the year coming out this Monday, June 11th. Max Warner is just gigantic. It’s kinda hot to see him literally blanket Rachel in MUSCLE!

Here’s some exclusive pics I have of Max to give you an idea of what’s coming at petite, 5’2″ Rachel on Monday.

Hang on for dear life Rachel! This guy is stacked!


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Enjoy all the upcoming updates!

Remember to switch hands while jacking to even out your forearm muscles! LOL!


UPDATE ALERT: Bradley Whitman Gives Rachel Ford The Big Pole

Greetings everyone!

Happy Friday! Are you excited about the most recent update on I know I am!

It features a one-two power punch of hottness with Bradley Whitman and Rachel Ford!

Here’s a description of the scene to give you an idea of what to expect:

Bradley Whitman returns for his third scene with the lovely, GORGEOUS, and now seasoned veteran on HotGuysFuck, Rachel Ford. Rachel loves our hot stud male talent and just keeps coming back for more! These two really make a HOT pair.

Bradley and Rachel are freaky and up for anything. They start getting hot and heavy in the bathroom with some foreplay. After plenty of sensual kisses… Bradley just can’t wait to get that big cock out of his pants to show Rachel. When she sets eyes on Brad’s pole, she simply can’t resist and immediately drops to her knees to show her appreciation for that big dick.

Rachel sucks a mean cock and to show his appreciation, Bradley tosses Rachel up on the counter top and eats her pussy till she is moaning to take her to the bed to fuck the shit out of her. Once on the bed, they both let their inner freaks out. Don’t miss this scene!

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Mmmm… Notice that creamy pussy? Doesn’t get much better than that!

Enjoy watching these two hotties go at it!

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NEW VIDEO RELEASED: Rob Burry Fucks Rachel Ford Like a PRO!

Happy Friday!

Enjoy the start of the weekend with a…


Rob Burry is back for more and who’s the lucky gal for this sensual stud this time? Why it’s the always beautiful Rachel Ford of course!

Oh yea, that’s right! Sound the alarm!

Rob and Rachel start with a condom but near the end of the scene, they ditch it so Rob can feel how wet he’s made Rachel’s tight pussy. Once Rob slides it in raw, there is no turning back and it isn’t long before he sprays her with his big load.

These two are totally attracted to each other. You can just tell. At the beginning of the scene, Rob is acting cute, a tad shy, and even blushing a bit.

Rachel builds up his confidence complimenting Rob’s tall, handsome good looks. It isn’t long before Rob has his hands all over Rachel. They start making out and the clothes start flying off.

Enjoy this hot scene!

Rob gives it to Rachel just how she likes it. Not too rough… but rough enough 😉

He’s a very sensual man!

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Have a FANTASTIC Weekend!