Friday’s Update is RED HOT, Production Weekend, and More!

Eric Cantor & Rachel Ford get down and dirty for Friday’s update.

You can tell Rachel is a dream girl to Eric. He is nervous, even in disbelief to start but quickly realizes this is no dream. A true fantasy come true!

Enjoy the scene! I think Rachel with that flowing/curly hair is fucking HOT!

Production Weekend

For the next three days, it’s that time again, that’s right boys & girls, IT’S PRODUCTION TIME! You know what that means, right?! FRESH FACES, FUN BTS CONTENT, AND NEW SCENES, WHOOO!

When it’s production time, I don’t lay down my camera for a SECOND! I may even sleep with it next to me LOL!! CUDDLE TIME!

I’m gonna capture every BTS moment and report back to YOU! Stay tuned for Monday’s blog update where I will get you all caught up on what has been happening!

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Have an awesome weekend!

Stay Tuned!