Meet Our New Beautiful Young Man, Bruce Sheppard

It’s hard to believe this guy is only 18-years-old. It’s UNREAL honestly!

At 6’5″ and with the frame of a Greek God, Bruce Sheppard is the real deal.

We are so happy to have you on board as our EXCLUSIVE model Bruce!

Being 18 is an exciting time to learn about yourself sexually and explore the possibilities! We can’t wait to watch you get you FUCK on!

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Dylan Cover Gets Pegged By Nicole Kidd and MORE

Here at, we are constantly pushing boundaries…

That’s why we have our FIRST pegging scene due to drop in the coming weeks!

It features new guy, Dylan Cover and veteran HGF starlet, Nicole Kidd!

This scene is surprisingly really hot!

Count me in as a new pegging fan I guess! These two really got in to it!


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Remember our sexy lady, Renee Hurtz?

Well, she will be back for another round from one of our hunky men.

But who will she be paired with you ask?

Look out… We matched up Renee with a new, hot, young (18-years-old), RIPPED, stud.

He will be joining the HotGuysFUCK family oh so soon!

Here’s a quick glimpse at him to wet your beak.


This young buck fucks HARD and LONG. Talk about some teenage stamina!

I remember back in the good ol’ days! Ha!

Expect to see ALL of these hotties and MORE in the coming weeks!


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FRIDAY’S UPDATE: Tall Athletic Asian Jock Sean Lee Fucks 18-Year Old Teen Girl Vanessa Ortiz

Greetings everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week. Now it’s time for another HOT NEW UPDATE.


That’s right, we have a new face! Welcome Sean Lee to the HotGuysFUCK community!

Here’s a description of the scene to give you an idea of what to expect:

New jacked, tall, Asian jock Sean Lee debuts for his first sex scene and lays down his fortune cookie on 18-year-old teen Vanessa Ortiz. This kid is cocky, and rightfully so. These two start out passionately kissing and things only get hotter from there.

Missionary is first but they make a quick transition to Vanessa on top riding. Her great 18-year-old ass is showcased now as Sean spanks and fucks her teen pussy. These two just can’t stay put as they make their way all over the bed. Vanessa gets nailed in doggy, on her side, and with her brown round ass in the air.

Next, Sean tosses Vanessa’s fit, petite body on top in reverse cowgirl. He pulls her hair and then before you know it, Sean has his way with Vanessa one last time as he bends her over the bed, and busts a big nut all over her perfect ass.

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Enjoy the cocky Asian jock Sean and gorgeous teen Latina Vanessa!

These two hotties deliver a HOT scene!

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