Friday’s Update with Mako Kalani and Kellan Hartmann Is Sure To Please

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend!

Remember why we are all able to enjoy those cold brews and BBQ’s on Memorial Day… if it wasn’t for those who serve and for the fallen soldiers that made the ultimate sacrifice, our daily freedoms we often take for granted would not be there! USA! USA! 🇺🇸

Friday’s Update

We have a very sexy video coming out soon.

This update features a new, fresh, exotic face… and she goes by the name of Mako Kalani!

To double the pleasure, we paired this beauty with the very popular, big dicked, and handsome to boot, Kellan Hartmann!

Here’s the scene description to give you a little tease!

Welcome our new model, Mako Kalani! This girl is exotic as it comes. Brazilian, African-American, Hawaiian, and European… Phew! What a sexy mix! We wanted to make sure we satisfied and showed this newbie the time of her life. How were we supposed to do that you ask? Well, that answer is simple… We lined her up to FUCK the very popular, horse cocked, Kellan Hartmann!

Mako is an aspiring model with a gorgeous, unique look, and when we saw her, we knew we had to have her on HotGuysFuck. Of course Kellan is hot, and I’m no mathematician here, but Gorgeous + Hot must equal SCORCHING.

Mako had never done any adult work before and came off a little shy at first. However, once we hit record on the camera and Kellan whipped out his big dick though, that shyness disappeared and Mako let out her inner freak. This one is a must watch.

Click Here To Check It Out!

(You can also tap/click any of the pictures below to be redirected to the scene)

Phew! Can’t wait to see more of Mako and Kellan soon!


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FRIDAY’S UPDATE: Dom Knight FUCKS New Teen Girl Vanessa Ortiz

Well… These two are hot as FUCK.

That’s all I got. LOL! jk!

But for real… nothing is better than watching two really attractive people go at it! To top it off, this is both of their FIRST scenes EVER! This of course warrants the FIRST TIMER ALERT!

Dom Knight takes care of Vanessa Ortiz and her 18 year old pussy. Dom is strong and ripped and does what he wants with this sexy teen girl. But don’t think that Vanessa just lays there and takes it. She’s a wild, hot Latina that gives Dom the ride of his life!

If you are into bubble butts (and who isn’t) these two have a pair of best around! Enjoy watching both of these perfect asses at work!

Just check them out!

Are you ready for Friday yet?

I know I am… But I am also a sucker for a nice phat bubble butt too.

Click HERE To Check Out The Scene!

With a couple of smiles like that, I think it’s safe to say the sex was great for both of them.

Enjoy these hotties and this HOT scene!

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Have a wonderful weekend!