NEW VIDEO RELEASED: Rob Burry Fucks Rachel Ford Like a PRO!

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Rob Burry is back for more and who’s the lucky gal for this sensual stud this time? Why it’s the always beautiful Rachel Ford of course!

Oh yea, that’s right! Sound the alarm!

Rob and Rachel start with a condom but near the end of the scene, they ditch it so Rob can feel how wet he’s made Rachel’s tight pussy. Once Rob slides it in raw, there is no turning back and it isn’t long before he sprays her with his big load.

These two are totally attracted to each other. You can just tell. At the beginning of the scene, Rob is acting cute, a tad shy, and even blushing a bit.

Rachel builds up his confidence complimenting Rob’s tall, handsome good looks. It isn’t long before Rob has his hands all over Rachel. They start making out and the clothes start flying off.

Enjoy this hot scene!

Rob gives it to Rachel just how she likes it. Not too rough… but rough enough ūüėČ

He’s a very sensual man!

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DocTayTay Has INFILTRATED The HotGuysFUCK Blog, Monday’s Update, And More!

Greetings Everyone!

It’s certainly been a while since an update… but have no fear… DocTayTay is here to give you what you WANT & NEED baby!!

If you don’t know me yet… Allow me to introduce myself!

I go by Taylor but “DocTayTay” is a nickname/stage-name I also go by. I have 10+ years of experience in the adult industry and have been a Production Assistant for since the turn of 2018!

I am with the models from start to finish during production time which allows me to capture all kinds of hot/fun/cool behind the scenes (BTS) footage that I will make sure to share with you here!

I am planning on posting an update here at least every Monday & Friday. STAY TUNED!

Now that we got all the small talk out of the way ūüėČ MONDAY’S UPDATE!

Buck “Big Boy” Carter & Derek “Dirty D” Jones team up on the lovely Jazmine Garcia!

Enjoy this HOT scene! I think you will enjoy the naughty twist it takes ūüėČ

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Is HotGuysFuck Ready For This Summer Heat?

Nick Paul is back to serve up uncut cock to Alex Morgan. Nick is such a passionate lover and couldn’t wait to get a piece of Alex’s big booty.

Nick dominated that ass from the beginning. I personally loved seeing him fuck Alex in doggystyle watching that ass jump. She savored every moment she could when Nick’s cock filled her up. After these two fucked, it was all grins and smiles. Quick Fact: Post interview behind the scenes in the shower are my favorite.


Sean Holmes fucks 18 year old teeny-bopper Nicole Kidd. This cock hungry teen had heart emojis in her eyes when she first laid eyes on Sean.

Sean Holmes stuck is big fat cock inside her fresh tight vagina. He mentioned that he’d never had a puss that tight before. Nicole could barley take his rock hard cock forcing us to take a few breaks. After getting fucked by a real man, Nicole is done playing around with the little boys. Sean Holmes has converted another one!


Joey Russo is back to give Danielle Land the business. Danielle loves to get fucked hard and made sure Joey was clear about that prior to filming.

Thankfully, Joey didn’t let us down. He drilled Danielle with his thick cock until she screamed his name. I secretly kept laughing inside every time I heard Joey say “OH FUCK.” Part of me was jealous knowing how much he was enjoying himself. The other part of me knew he would bust at any minute… so I was ready with the camera in the event there was a premature cum-shot.


Damn, Nick Harper fucks the shit out of Tori Blue. Tori gives a sensational blowjob and almost makes Nick cum early.

After Tori got him all horned up, Nick went to have a taste of that pussy. Nick really goes after it when he gives oral. You would think the guy was having his last meal. Anyway, as soon as Nick went inside Tori, it was grind time. He pounded out Tori so damn hard making her orgasm several times. Nick also has a huge dick so Tori’s walls she didn’t even know existed were getting knocked on. After fucking her all over the room, Nick Harper blessed Tori with a facial. Of course she swallowed everything she could. She loves her some cream especially from a guy as hot as Nick. This video is fucking HOT!


June Will Be Filled With Some Of Our Hottest Scenes Yet.

Did Rob Burry meet his match? Tori Blue’s also an exotic dancer who loves to put on a show. I knew this pairing was going to be fireworks before I even pressed play.

FACT: This is one of the few videos we’ve ever shot that didn’t involve a stop or cut period. It’s such a magical and organic video filled will intensity and raw passion. I¬†loved this pairing and I know you will too. I’m adding this as a bonus video even though this video stands alone as one of our best. Another hot part of this video was¬†the random cameos by Dmitry Dickov & Monica Scott. Totally random, totally hot.


Thick booty Andy Rother is back to fuck Danielle Land. Both of these models contacted us to work which is why I love filming them together. It tells me both models are hungry for sex and enjoy being filmed while being naughty.

I actually let Danielle Land & Andy Rother hook up off camera about 20 minutes after this shoot. They were totally hot for each other & had¬†to fuck again. Unfortunately, I had to be at another shoot, so I didn’t capture it on film. I was told it was just as hot as what you’ll see here. I hope they wrapped it up…

Well fuck me… Monica Scott honestly is a trooper. This video with Brady Quinn, Rob Burry, and Sean Costin was actually supposed to have another girl who bailed last minute. Monica Scott being the cock lover she is, still wanted this scene to happen. She was a personal fan of all 3 of these guys and hand picked them herself.

I was a little worried and turned on when she decided to move forward despite the other bitch bailing. All the guys had their way with Monica’s¬†vagina and she loved it. One of the awkward things that randomly happen was Brady Quinn’s real life girlfriend called in the middle of the shoot. She had no idea where he was and I guess he was late for a prior engagement. He did have to disappear towards the end but Rob Burry and Sean Costin finished the job. Damnit Brady’s girlfriend, can’t you see he was busy! HOT SCENE FOR SURE.


Monster cock Johnny America was back to fuck our Asian sensation, Maya Kim.

I’ve never seen Maya cream so much as she did with Johnny America. Even though Johnny looks young and innocent, he knows how to hit all the right places. This guy definitely knows how to¬†satisfy any woman. Obviously his big ass pole helps, but don’t let the baby face fool you. Johnny America can fuck with the best of them.

I bet you all didn’t see this coming! Crazy Milf Jayylee Jordan begged me for a threesome. She wanted two handsome jocks with matching big cocks. I invited her over to meet Zach Douglas & Collin Simpson.

This shoot was done super late at night past my normal bed time, so please disregard the lighting. What else can I say but Jayylee got the shit fucked out of her. Both Zach Douglas and Collin Simpson were super into this Milf, and making her dream come true. I honestly feel like sometimes I’m a charity helping those achieve their dreams. Jayylee could barely walk after Zach & Collin were done ravaging¬†her. I loved the ending when both of our studs busted at the same exact time, highlighting such an amazing scene. HOT HOT HOT!


Hope you all are enjoying HotGuysFuck. Make sure you leave comments in the members are of site so we can read over important feedback. Thank you guys!

Brady Quinn, Derek Casey, and Daniel Kanon Are Up Next To Fuck.

Brady Corbin got the first shot at Danielle Land & it was fire! Both of these models are passionate in the bedroom and put on an amazing show.


Danielle Land gives an amazing blowjob and almost made Brady Corbin bust early multiple times. Brady’s nice cock also loved Danielle’s tight pussy as she rode him like bull. They both seem to have lots of sexual experience which really showed on camera! Hot Scene!

Derek Casey was definitely an interesting one to say the least. He’s much deeper then just wanted to rail for hours. He’s very soft and sensual with everything he does…¬†we find that super hot.


Nicole Kidd is fitting being that she just turned 18 years old. This teen had never been worshiped and fucked the way Derek Casey put it on her. We’re not sure if she was feeling it or just wasn’t sure what to think. Either way, her tight young pussy kept Derek’s cock rock hard and ready to fuck.

Daniel Kanon is back to fuck Melani Davis for a round 2. These¬†two had such great chemistry from their first video that we had to do a second. FUN FACT, we didn’t even have to pay them for this second scene. These horny teens just wanted an encore from earlier.

Daniel Kanon suggested that Melani Davis be our official fluffer with her amazing blowjob skills. We love a teen who just loves sucking our talent dry. This top model will swallow all your kids. Another Hot Vid!

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We love shooting real life sex, with real life amateurs. We the BEST! 2017 is ours!

You’ll want to see the very next video after these three… HOLYSHIT


We had a twitter vote that ended up with almost 90% of people wanting us to release *scrapped footage*.

These 2 scenes didn’t make the cut for one reason or another but are still HOT! See Ken Ott & Adam Mackie fucking Sarah Sunday & Molly Beal

HotGuysFuck In April

James Manziel gets the first shot at young 18 year old Nicole Kidd. We love that James can really fuck. I wouldn’t doubt he’s extremely sexually active judging by the pounding he gave Nicole in his off camera life.

He told us this may have been one of the tightest pussies he’s ever fucked. Nicole Kidd was tiny¬†and had only been with 4 guys prior. I would consider this lay to be memorable for James Manziel. Another one to add to his black book.


We’re about 90% sure Denzel Grisby lost his virginity in this scene, despite what he told us. People¬†lie… they’re afraid what others may think, but we personally think Denzel losing his virginity on camera is FUCKING hot.

We paired Denzel with Monica Scott, a huge fan favorite. We had to cut for 30 minutes because Denzel busted a nut super early into filming. We don’t know exactly how long because he continued to fuck with jizz in the condom. If you did lose your virginity here Denzel, you’re welcome buddy. Monica is fucking hot! Congrats.


Rob Burry aka Mr. Steal Your Girl is back to fuck Jackie Lopez. This video is straight fucking fire. Rob Burry as everyone knows, is an incredible fuck. He had Jackie Lopez all over the kitchen getting pleased in every way possible.

I honestly wish all our guys fucked like Rob. He’s a true showman and can fuck better then probably 99% of the world. Rob is basically a world class fucker. We’re pretty sure Jackie Lopez would have done this scene for free… but we still paid them both. This scene is worth a FULL MEMBERSHIP alone.


Dmitry Dickov & his buddy Nick Paul are back for some 3 way action with Tiffany Marshall. Both these guys really love getting there fuck on together. They have such good chemistry and just love being sexually free with one another.

After putting a satisfying fuck show on with Tiffany Marshall, both of these jocks dropped huge loads all over her face at the same time. Tiffany didn’t need much more dinner after that. Instead she showered with the fellas, and went right to bed for the next 12 hours. She got dick down by 2 big cocks.



3 New Scenes For HotGuysFuck

Nicholas Prat was all smiles when he got his chance at Jessica Gomez. ¬†Nicholas Prat actually cums twice in this scene because he can’t help but drop loads early while fucking. If you put a chick on top of him, he says the view does it for him every time. We love one minute men anyway because it reminds us how great it feels for them.

See Nicholas Prat fuck Jessica Gomez only at HotGuysFuck.

Welcome our latest fresh meat, Andy Rother. He literally flew in for a short trip, fucked 2 hot chicks, and went back home. This short trip was filled with total excitement for Andy Rother. He told us this by far had to be his favorite trip.


In this video, Andy Rother got to fuck the shit out of Sarah Sunday. He loved how hard she could take a dick just as much as she loved fucking this stud.

See this video only at HotGuysFuck.

Jackson Knight couldn’t wait to get some pussy. My guess, it’s been quite some time before for him but he definitely knew what he was doing. He loved eating that pussy while sticking his ass high in the sky for the camera to enjoy. Jackson Knight has a pretty big dick so Monica Scott needed a few breaks because he was too much for her.

After a few breaks to let Monica Scott catch her breath, Jackson Knight fucked her as hard as he could before exploding inside of her.

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HotGuysFuck Releases Extra Scene This Week

3 Hot Updates Inside! Including Bonus Update With Big Dick Dmitry Dickov.

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