Have You Seen Trevor Brown Smash Mila Fleet Yet? If Not, You’re Missing Out!

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Are you having a wonderful weekend? I certainly hope so! If not, I think I have a remedy for you… Check out the recent HotGuysFUCK update!


You heard right, we have another new face! Welcome Trevor Brown to the HotGuysFUCK community! This jacked stud knows what he is doing and is ready to display his talents. The lucky lady is the ALWAYS lovely, Mila Fleet and boy does she do her thing!

This hot scene also warrants a…


Here’s a description of the scene to give you an idea of what to expect:

Welcome new cummer Trevor Brown in his debut scene featuring the cutie with a booty, Mila Fleet!

Mila has been without some good dick for months and decides to give us a call. Boy, she has come to the right place! We throw this newbie a BONE… and one hell of one, if I might add. I know Mila is going home a happy camper after getting her guts beat up by big boy Trevor.

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If you are a big booty fan, Mila doesn’t disappoint. Trevor sure got lucky for his first scene!

Enjoy watching these two hotties go at it!

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NEW VIDEO RELEASED: Rob Burry Fucks Rachel Ford Like a PRO!

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Enjoy the start of the weekend with a…


Rob Burry is back for more and who’s the lucky gal for this sensual stud this time? Why it’s the always beautiful Rachel Ford of course!

Oh yea, that’s right! Sound the alarm!

Rob and Rachel start with a condom but near the end of the scene, they ditch it so Rob can feel how wet he’s made Rachel’s tight pussy. Once Rob slides it in raw, there is no turning back and it isn’t long before he sprays her with his big load.

These two are totally attracted to each other. You can just tell. At the beginning of the scene, Rob is acting cute, a tad shy, and even blushing a bit.

Rachel builds up his confidence complimenting Rob’s tall, handsome good looks. It isn’t long before Rob has his hands all over Rachel. They start making out and the clothes start flying off.

Enjoy this hot scene!

Rob gives it to Rachel just how she likes it. Not too rough… but rough enough ๐Ÿ˜‰

He’s a very sensual man!

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